Overworked? Not Getting the Recognition You Think You Deserve?

What do you do when you are overworked?

  • Set boundaries for yourselves.
  • Know your limits.
  • Learn to say no.
    • Review your job description.
    • Know what tasks you need to complete.
    • Meet with your boss to discuss work overload.
    • If your boss is still unwilling to cooperate with you, apply the Matt.16 biblical model or discuss issue with personnel department or your boss’s boss.
    • If your boss remains unreasonable, you may need to seek other job opportunities.  

What if others get the praise for the work you have done?

  • Love others.
    • To really love others, you usually need to help them see themselves as God does. Christians should follow Jesus’ model of love. Jesus’ model calls believers to “love your enemies and expect nothing in return” (Luke 6:35). If we love, then we will act in selfless ways. Love is a fruit of the Spirit, produced in our lives as we yield ourselves to God.
    • Consider others before yourself (Phil. 2:3).
    • Pray for others.
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