I provide confidential conversation and encouragement for individuals whether in crisis or seeking help in dealing with emotional, behavioral, or relational problems. I counsel individuals to see the power and truth of God’s Word to change their lives and set them free.

I served 3 years at Rhema Counseling Associates and 3 years at a local pregnancy center. I have also counseled individuals in church settings and women’s shelters. I am trained to counsel individuals, couples, families, children, teens and young adults dealing with difficult circumstances from a biblical perspective. I have lead Parenting Classes, Anger Resolution Classes, and Women’s Groups. I earned my degree in Biblical Studies/Counseling at Criswell College. I am a certified Biblical Counselor through the Association of Biblical Counselors.

Difficulties come into our lives to test our faith (1 Peter 1:7). God uses difficulties in our lives to develop our faith and strengthen our understanding of the Lord so that one day He will see clearly His image in us. As gold is refined by fire, so our faith will be purified and beautified when going through various trials.

My counsel is based on a commitment to ministering the Word of God in such a way that all of life is illuminated by His eternal truths. My counsel rests on the Wisdom of God. I seek to embody the person of Jesus Christ by extending His compassion, love, and patience to all who call on me for help. If Christ is not reflected in my words and attitudes then it is my conviction that I have failed in my role as a Biblical Counselor.

Contact me @: 972-965-5922 or email me at marietta@refinedfaith.net

Fee for services: An hour counseling session is $75 an hour.

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