The Monster Within

Frank V. is a product of sin. Frank was ambitious, but self-centered. After hours of isolation in a room, Frank changes his view on life. Without thinking, he identifies the created monster within himself. This monster’s new name is no other than, sin. You can see the beginnings of this period as Frank tries to learn about the world, but instead finds a cruel world. Words of confusion, of disappointment, and sadness come from Frank. The overwhelming possibility of the monster hurting other people becomes apparent to him. The monster turns against mankind. Hands, strained with blood become real to the monster. The monster’s sins caused the deaths and become Frank’s endless guilt of torment and shame. The sin-filled monster brought with it the encouragement of such emotions and feelings.  

Guilt and shame can be consequences of our past mistakes in the world today. In a meeting in an office with the counselor, Frank realizes his vital mistake in creating the monster that emerged within. The importance of using shame and guilt as a motivating influence is clear as this attribute of sin develops. Guilt consumes him as he faces the consequences of his mistakes.  Frank sees that it is his duty to protect humanity against this monster. Man must take responsibility for his actions. Frank created an experiment without thinking of the future consequences of his passions and must correct them. In the world, man fixes a problem with a problem. Frank V. feels guilt after hearing the monster’s confusion of hurt. The monster wanted to be accepted by humans. Instead, he was rejected by humankind. Frank makes a deal with the hidden monster lying within him. The deal includes Frank and his inner monster residing far away from humans for eternity.

The role of sin in the world may have damaging effects if the responsibility for our actions, whether good or bad, is not made a priority. This is presented clearly when Frank becomes consumed with his sin experiment forgetting to adopt rules and responsibility for his monster. Frank’s monster becomes lethal.  Sin today spirals out of control, sometimes with lethal consequences. The story of Frank V. shows how discovered knowledge of sin can have damaging effects, when a person does not consider the consequences of his actions. Frank’s sin is a symbol of the ability to create potential monstrosities.             

Sin fundamentally alters the way people live. Not all are willing to except that change. Problems of sin are seen as shortcomings which could be eliminated. The change is seen as beneficial. The knowledge of a sin-filled heart is seen as increasing power.

Frank V’s story catches the spirit of the consequences of sin and warns of the dangers and perils of the future advances of sin. Frank’s predictions take into consideration the fact that our world changes radically and our actions may cause unforgettable and damaging consequences. Our moral duty in the world is to take responsibility for our actions whether good or bad. Emotions of guilt and shame motivate us to take responsibility for our conduct.

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